Les Lofts Vieux-Québec: A Pivotal Part of Québec City’s Hotel Industry

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Les Lofts Vieux-Québec arrived on the scene in 2014 with a unique business model that shook up Québec City’s hotel industry. Known and loved by tourists, Les Lofts Vieux-Québec offers accommodations in several historical buildings throughout the city, each with a unique name and offer: Les Lofts St -PierreLes Lofts St-JosephLes Lofts de la GareLes Lofts CharestLes Lofts St-PaulLes Lofts St-VallierLes Lofts Notre-DameLes Lofts ChamplainLes Lofts du Trésor and Hôtel du Jardin. The company recently revamped its online presence by gathering all of the sub-brands that have been developed independently over the years onto a single platform. Each location keeps its name, but now guests can browse and reserve their  accommodations all on one website.

“The company has greatly evolved over the last several years and is now a pillar of Québec City’s hotel industry.” – Eymie Labbé, Vice-President of Marketing Communications, Les Lofts Vieux-Québec

In the style of a luxury hotel, Les Lofts Vieux-Québec offers high-end accommodations: 68 lofts and 19 rooms for rent in Québec City’s most sought-after neighbourhoods. In addition to its unique business model,  Les Lofts Vieux-Québec stands out for carefully choosing buildings for their distinctive historical charm. For example, Les Lofts St -Pierre (2018 Nobilis award finalist) is in a building that used to be owned by the Bank of Montréal and was the first bank branch to be opened in North America. Visitors can expect an authentic historic experience no matter which Les Lofts Vieux-Québec site they choose. In fact, in 2018, the company hired a historian to look up the different buildings’ histories. You can read a short summary of each building’s past on the new website.

The increase in tourism that Québec City enjoyed in 2018 significantly raised demand for Les Lofts Vieux-Québec’s tourist apartments and rooms, resulting in close to 80% occupancy. Since the company does not have valet parking, restaurants or reception desks in most of its buildings, guests are completely self-reliant. Les Lofts Vieux-Québec guests want a one-of-a-kind experience and have been completely charmed by their stay, according to the comments they’ve posted on the different online reservation sites, like Booking.com and TripAdvisor.

The company also keeps evolving. Attentive to consumer trends and demand, it now offers several modern-style lofts as well. Each unit is a different product, and there is one to suit every type of traveller. That’s the beauty of Les Lofts Vieux-Québec!

Les Lofts Vieux-Québec offers an excellent means of preserving and sharing Québec City’s cultural heritage, using redeveloped historic buildings to stimulate the city’s tourist economy.

The owners are expecting positive news on several new projects they have underway. This isn’t the last you’ll hear of this thriving local business!