Lofts from the Past: Les Lofts Saint-Vallier

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In this series of articles about its buildings’ history, the team of Les Lofts Vieux-Québec invites you to discover the extraordinary past of these mythical constructions located in Québec City.

In the Saint-Jean-Baptiste district, Les Lofts Saint-Vallier immerse you in what once was the heart of the Québécois tanning industry that started in 1780. Loaded in history, this area gives the building, which appears just as it was constructed after the 1845 fire, important patrimonial value.

The foundations of this neoclassical house could date back to the end of the 18thcentury or the beginning of the 19thcentury. The owners of the building were apparently tanners Louis or Joseph Guay, who established their production area in the neighbouring house, where the hides were soaked on the ground floor and where there is still a steam engine today. The building in which are located Les Lofts Saint-Vallier served as storage for the leather.

The house changed hands and purpose many times before Les Lofts Vieux-Québec acquired it. Two centuries later, it still boasts some of its most important structural and ornamental elements, such as its ashlar stone façade, pitched roof, dormers and large glass windows.

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