The history behind Les Lofts St-Paul

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Les Lofts Saint-Paul

In this series of articles about its buildings’ history, Les Lofts invite you to discover the extraordinary past of these mythical constructions located in Québec City.

Situated in Québec City’s Old Port, Les Lofts Saint-Paul can be found in two separate buildings dating back to the 19thcentury. It is safe to say that a lot happened inside these walls.

137 Saint-Paul St.

The building conserved its original foundations from 1820 and is located on a site that has been inhabited since at least 1717. The neoclassical edifice has had many purposes over the years. As the upper floors were composed of housing units, the ground floor was dedicated to commercial activities and hosted many businessmen, such as a blacksmith-innkeeper, a baker and a grocer, amongst many.

185 Saint-Paul St.

The occupation of the site on which stands the neoclassical building—constructed between 1850 and 1875—dates to 1750, and perhaps before, as many historians believe that the land could have been frequented by nomadic Amerindian peoples.

In the 19thcentury, the building that has been home to many residents and merchants shared spaces with brewers John Racey and Joseph Knight Boswell. In the 20thcentury, it passed into the hands of wine and spirits merchants that had a close relationship with the Québec Liquor Commission.

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