History behind Les Lofts Charest & L’Hôtel du Jardin

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In this series of articles about its buildings’ history, Les Lofts Vieux-Québec invite you to discover the extraordinary past of these mythical constructions located in Québec City.

Built in 1919, the building in which are located Les Lofts Charest and L’Hôtel du Jardin is older than the Charest boulevard himself, for which construction began in 1928.

Designed by architect Joseph-Cajétan Dufort, to whom we also owe the former Maisonneuve City Hall in Montréal, this Beaux-Arts style edifice presents a finely worked brick façade, an unusual architectural feature at the time.

Also known as the Brodique edifice, it remains almost unchanged since its erection, except for its windows that blend perfectly to the building.


The Beaux-Arts Style

A late form of Neoclassism belonging to the Greek Renaissance Movement, the Beaux-Arts Style is characterized by order, symmetry, formality, grandiosity and elaborate ornamentation. Popular during a short period from 1885 to 1925 in North America, it has profoundly influenced the American Renaissance Movement.

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